Oasi del Germoglio

Is the Italian non-profit organisation that collects and distributes funds to carry out projects in Cameroon.

Onlus Oasi del Germoglio
Via Sangone 8, Beinasco (TO)
C.F. 95617420013

Registered at the non-profit registry office on 30 April 2014



CAMERUN Oasis de l’Esperance

Is the African partner that manages and coordinates the on-site activities: building the medical centre, providing social assistance and health care to children and supporting women.

Near Souza (Moungo District – Littoral Region of Cameroon) we purchased land available for development to build a Group Home and a Medical Centre, the latter of which had its first brick laid in November 2018.


Oasi del Germoglio (OdG) is a non-profit association established with the goal of supporting families who take in orphans as foster parents, and building a medical and socio-educational facility in Africa which would host single mothers separated from their families, assisting them with a social education programme and health care. The project aims to promote their gradual re-entry into society.  Oasi del Germoglio is already looking after abandoned children who, in many cases, have been left in garbage dumps, provides for psychological and physical support with qualified personnel in order to integrate them into a foster home. The facility we intend to build with your help will host single mothers separated from their families, providing psychological and physical support before and after the happy event, and personal and professional training with the goal of making them economically independent.

The association was established after the African experiences of Don Simon Mabou, the parish priest of a church in Nkongsamba, Cameroon. Personally witnessing numerous instances of marginalisation, sparked the desire to launch this non-profit project, with a group of Italians, which in the long term, aims to be a point of reference for the myriad of children who have not had an easy life, promoting projects that give hope and dignity to their lives.

Small gestures for us, but great opportunities for these budding lives that, with the association’s economic and moral support, will have an oasis in which to be cared for, build their strength, broaden their horizons and believe in their future … a serene one.